Sky Logistics B.V

SKY International * SKY Group* is an affiliate of D&A International Holding BV, which is an established with over 16 years of experience in logistics and expert in supply chain solutions in Netherlands.

Our extensive solutions are of high quality enabling us to provide premium services for our clients, serving 7+ industries and offers fully integrated services truly global network.
At SKY, we believe that long-lasting cooperation with partners is the key to shared growth. Building on 16 years of expertise and a long tradition of excellence in the several industry, we design smart, flexible solutions for complex supply chains. 

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SKY’s aim is to be innovative and influential in supply chain transformation and help customers meet their evolving technological, social and environmental challenges. SKY International is proud of its ability to nurture innovation both internally and with external partners and offer pioneering solutions in line with changing industry needs.  

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Worldwide shipping

always, ONE Step Further !


Ocean Logictics

international logistics integrator, we combine operational expertise and capabilities to guarantee you optimised ocean freight solutions.


Air Logistics

Over the last 16 years, SKY Group has successfully built and maintained strong relationships with major airlines across the globe.


Road Logistics

we offer road transport services for all needs and all types of goods. With the widest integrated networks covering worldwide.


Railway Logistics

Rail solutions offer a real alternative to ocean freight transportation: twice as fast as ocean transport and 10 times cheaper than air freight.


Custom Clearance

As logistics experts, we fully understand the impact that delays in border clearances
can have on your business. Clearance support


3PL Logistics

We provide you with a comprehensive range of services to deliver you efficiency and the best end-customer satisfaction.