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About Us

About Us

We don't just carry products; we know that we carry hope, future, happiness and life.
We are the role model company for our competitors in our industry.

Our story began in 2003 in the Netherlands. As SKY Logistics, since the date of our foundation, we have worked to provide our customers with a first-class customer experience. Thereby, we have acquired worldwide customers and strong business partners to offer the best service to our customers. As a high-performance company with core values and rich historical culture, we have grown steadily every year, step by step, and we continue to grow.
Today, as one of the vital companies in the logistics sector, we offer comprehensive, excellence-focused services with our experience, expert team, tailor-made creative and innovative solutions, advanced technology, and R&D studies in our regional centers in Amsterdam, Istanbul, and Qingdao.
We provide services delivering a competitive advantage to our customers!
With our understanding of high quality and integrated service, we serve our customers in more than seven sectors, ranging from healthcare, textiles, automotive, and electronics globally. We are proud to provide years of long-term service to our customers through customized customer services. Thanks to our tradition of service excellence, by fully understanding your needs, we can generate intelligent, flexible, and advantageous solutions even for the most complex supply chains.
We're putting our signature on the future of the logistics industry.
Since the date of our foundation, we have grown step by step in air, sea, road, and railway freight and set up a worldwide network. Our comprehensive services, tailor-made solutions for our customers, experienced team, expertise in various geographies and organized operations enable us to be one of the leading logistics companies worldwide.
We have carried our services even further with our successful work in the logistics sector!
As SKY Logistics, we are a licensed organization for international logistics. We have extensive experience and expertise in transporting any goods. We work with more than 155 business partners worldwide, and we're getting stronger every day as part of the global network. We owe our success in our services in all areas of international logistics to our talented, experienced, and professional team.
SKY Logistics for unique solutions for various and changing needs!
The world is changing; trade is changing. At SKY Logistics, we offer unique options to our customers' changing needs. We not only do our job but also do it with enthusiasm and passion. Our professional team, which makes a difference with its creative advice and accurate guidance in our work, are dedicated to providing the highest value-added services in the industry.
Our primary goal in offering services to our customers is to provide safe and cost-effective global logistics. Our diligent work begins when we accept the job and continues until your products are delivered.
We are continually striving to strengthen our services!