Tailored logistics solutions to accelerate and ensure supply chain reliability

As a player in the fashion and fast fashion industry, do you consider the supply chain as a strategic asset for your development?

Are you are looking for global, fast and reliable solutions in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility policy? Based on our expertise in the fashion industry, we have developed solutions matching your supply and distribution needs.

Fashion Logistics | Designing Supply Chain Solutions | SkyGroup

Designing supply chain solutions tailored to the fashion industry

In a globalised and constantly changing market, we meet your complex equation: delivering on time all distribution channels in line with new collection launches, at the best cost, whilst contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. 


Management of international supply flows (freight forwarding) 


Delivery to your warehouses and points of sale


Reverse logistics 


Just In Time supply to your plants and warehouses

Securing and accelerating your inbound supply chain

Your production areas are more and more extended. With our facilities located in your main production countries (Asia, Europe, North Africa), our experts support you meeting all your needs with dedicated or shared solutions. 

Delivery to your points of sale

Accelerating the restocking of stores, decreasing your stock levels and optimising your transport costs

The availability of the right product, at the right time, at the right cost is strategic in the fashion industry. Our engineering teams design, implement and monitor for you the most optimised solutions. 

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