Fiscal Representation

When a foreign company imports goods or undertakes other economic activities in the Netherlands, they have to fulfil administrative obligations when it comes to Dutch VAT. This Value Added Tax is 21% for most goods and needs to be paid when you import goods in the Netherlands.

The VAT can be redeemed from the Dutch Tax Authority but your company needs to be registered in the Netherlands to be able to do that.

Such a registration comes with a large administrative hassle and isn’t necessary in most cases. For foreign, non-registered companies there is a solution: Fiscal Representation.

Fiscal representation means that a company registered in the Netherlands acts as a representative of the importing foreign company when it comes to filing taxes and maintaining the administration of the VAT.

A special permit is needed for representing foreign companies for tax purposes. SKY Group has such a permit.

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What are the advantages?

You don’t have to register your company
in the Netherlands
You don’t have to set up and maintain a
VAT administration
You don’t have to pay the VAT directly when importing. The VAT is transferred to your representative. This is better for your cash flow.

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There are two types of fiscal representation: limited and general representation.

Some of the conditions for representation are the same for both types:


Limited Fiscal Representation

Limited fiscal representation means that we represent our client when it comes to importing goods from non-EU countries and subsequent deliveries. We can also represent clients that want to release goods from a tax warehouse.

General Fiscal Representation

In addition to limited representation, general fiscal representation also entails purchased goods and delivered goods from within the EU, or the (temporary) storage of goods in a warehouse in the Netherlands awaiting a sales to customers within or outside of the EU. If you would like to know more about fiscal representation and what kind of representation would be appropriate for your situation, then please contact one of our specialists. We are happy to be of assistance!





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