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Heavy Equipment Logistics

Do you know what you can gain from being able to perform your heavy equipment logistics projects under the conditions you want, at the time you want, with the opportunities you want? Are you looking for global, fast, reliable and customized solutions for your supply and distribution needs?
We generate innovative and creative solutions specific to your project by preparing our sea, air, land and railway services individually or in a variety of combinations for your heavy equipment logistics projects. In this way, we provide help in transporting your heavy equipment by cost-oriented and effective methods and ensure that it reaches the destination you want at the time you want. We complete your entire organization ranging from fulfillment of the procedures at the loading point to the feasibility studies, from issuance of the permits and authorization documents to realization of transportation and unloading at the destination with less risk and on a more advantageous budget. In the construction, automotive, energy, machinery, maritime, mining and telecommunication industries, we make a road analysis for safe transportation of a wide range of items, including wind turbines, cranes, pipelines, bridge beams, steel truss constructions and casting units, and provide service by identifying the requirement for the right equipment and possible risks. We plan, implement and finalize your logistics by considering all the details, together with our expert team, which has a good knowledge of the international legislation of heavy equipment transportation and technological innovations and develops sustainable logistics strategies. As SKY Logistics, we transport your heavy equipment to hard-to-reach areas that require professionalism and engineering, without any problems.

Our Heavy Equiipment Logistics Services:

  • Cross-Docking
  • Consulting (customs, tax, compliance, rules and regulations)
  •  End-to-end GOH (Garment On Hanger/ Palletized) transportation by rail: China-Europe trade line
  • Storage
  • Dynamic flow engineering
  • Express shipping
  • Escort service
  • Invoicing
  • Hangar lease
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Door-to-door integrated and tailored solutions: Transport and logistics
  • Door-to-door operational and document management
  • Value-added service solutions (order preparation, packaging, cross-docking, repackaging, kitting, fixing alarms, labeling, assembly and similar solutions)
  • Customized and improved customer services
  • Global supply chain support
  • Lashing
  •  Planning transport orders
  • Point to point ocean freight
  • Point to point air freight
  • Online tracking system
  • Open Top Container - Reefer Container - Flatrack Container - High cube Container
  • Private or multi-client consolidation solutions: Warehousing or cross-docking, customs bonded storage
  • Performance management (KPIs)
  • Hiring staff
  • Reporting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Insurance
  • Keeping standard or lowbed or hydraulic vehicles available
  • Delivery for standard, urgent or specific dates
  • International transport (freight transport): Air freight, sea freight, road freight, railway freight
  • Road analysis
  • Road permits
We are a company you can trust, standing by your side in your heavy equipment logistics projects, planning all the details, providing you with advantages in every field.