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Retail Logistics

We know the strategic importance of planning in retail logistics, and we are ready to describe it to you…  Are you looking for global, fast, reliable and customized solutions for your supply and distribution needs?
At SKY Logistics, we always offer competitive and agile supply chain solutions for your retail logistics services.  In order to strengthen the performance and efficiency of your supply chain in accordance with the changing consumer demands of the industry, we produce tailor-made strategies, ranging from globalization of supply sources to minimizing the circulation time of products, from multi-channel marketing strategies to seasonal and promotional operations management.  We provide reliable, customized and fast service throughout the supply chain and warehousing processes in order to meet all current and future challenges, secure and accelerate delivery to your supply centers.

We leverage the power of digital for a complex operational capability to create a fast, flexible, sustainable and efficient supply chain.  Instead of traditional supply chain management, we use automation, data and analytical programs.

We maintain accurate, fast, flexible and productive shipping management for increases and differences in shipments. With our experienced Control Tower teams, we evaluate all scenarios for the optimization of your shipments and the maximum availability of your products.

As SKY Logistics, we carry out studies such as cross-docking, delivery to city centers and shopping malls, management of seasonal and promotional operations in order to accelerate the final distribution of your products and offer a unique customer experience.

Our Retail Logistics Services:

  • Pre-opening delivery, delivery after 18.00 or overnight delivery
  • Safe transportation and management of your large and heavy products
  • Cross-Docking
  • Consulting (customs, tax, compliance, rules and regulations)
  • End-to-end GOH (Garment On Hanger/ Palletized) transportation by rail: China-Europe trade line
  • Storage
  • Dynamic flow engineering
  • Express shipping
  • Invoicing
  • Hangar lease
  • Return management
  • Management of customs clearance procedures for import/export
  • Door-to-door integrated and tailored solutions: Transport and logistics
  • Door-to-door operational and document management
  • Value-added service solutions (order preparation, packaging, cross-docking, repackaging, kitting, fixing alarms, labeling, assembly and similar solutions)
  • Customized and improved customer services
  • Global supply chain support
  • Lashing
  • Planning transport orders
  • Point to point ocean freight
  • Point to point air freight
  • Online tracking system
  • Private or multi-client consolidation solutions: Warehousing or cross-docking, customs bonded storage
  • Performance management (KPIs)
  • Hiring staff
  • Reporting
  • Competitive pricing
  • Seasonal and promotion operations management
  • Insurance
  • Order management (reception, consolidation…)
  • Control Tower System to synchronize orders and deliveries and gain full visibility
  • Keeping standard or lowbed or hydraulic vehicles available
  • Delivery for standard, urgent or specific dates
  • Delivery in city centers and shopping malls
  • International transport (freight transport): Air freight, sea freight, road freight, railway freight
  • Road analysis
  • Road permits
Effective, efficient, economical, safe, “turnkey” retail logistics from SKY Logistics!