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Customs Transactions

Customs Transactions

Customs TransactionsWhen you start working with SKY Logistics, we optimize and manage all the customs procedures you need in logistics processes with customized solutions with our experienced and expert team. We coordinate the transactions to be made in public institutions and organizations in accordance with the legislation, manage them smoothly and save our customers time. We solve orders, stock tracking and reporting in customs processes quickly, transparently and accurately. We use our expertise and experience so that our customers can gain an advantage in competition with their competitors and don't waste time on any mistakes made in the legislation.

Our customs transactions services:

  • Transfer permission process
  • Follow-up and finalization of applications
  • International customs control tower center coordination in multi-country customs transactions
  • Consulting and consulting services
  • Mission disadvantage application
  • Customs transactions: Declaration, report card preparation, commodity exchange declaration
  • Customs classification and duty file maintenance
  • Customs tax calculation
  • Electronic link/electronic filing to customs
  • Optimization of customs warehouse, import and export processes and similar works
  • Drafting export document
  • Import and export permits
  • Legislation and customs inspection
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • Pre-shipping authorization and preliminary customs clearance