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Insurance Transactions

Insurance Transactions

Insurance TransactionsLogistics insurances are insurances that provide coverage in case of physical damage to the products during the transportation of the products by any means of transportation or while they are in the warehouse or in case of accidents, theft, loading or unloading damages, natural disasters, and securing the products is of vital importance for logistics service providers.

At SKY Logistics, we conduct our risk scenarios and analyses and prepare the best insurance opportunity to ensure the protection of the products. The fact that our customers know that their products are insured and their damages will be compensated reduces their financial worries about the future. As SKY Logistics, we serve our customers with all existing types of insurance that are internationally valid in the field of insurance.
  • CMR Insurances
  • Asset Transportation Insurance
  • International Road Transport Liability Insurance
  • Inland Carrier's Liability Insurance
  • Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance
  • Warehouseman Legal Liability Insurance
  • Hull Insurances
  • Shipbuilding Insurances
  • Port/Terminal Operators Legal Liability Insurance
  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability Insurance
  • Marina Operators Legal Liability Insurance
  • Warehouse Operators Legal Liability Insurance
  • Crane Operators Liability Insurance