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Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Value Added ServicesAs SKY Logistics, we work to ensure customer satisfaction with our perfectionism approach. In addition to our transportation services, we perform all operations that will improve the logistics experience of our customers, provide the services they need, improve their business and impart competitive advantage. Value Added Services (VAL / Value Added Logistics) is also an important tool to provide more comprehensive service to our customers and increase customer satisfaction.

At SKY Logistics, we provide comprehensive Value Added Services with our strong infrastructure, expert teams, experience and wide cooperation network. Unique applications customized to special requirements of our customers and the end user are among our Value-Added Services.

Build to Order

At SKY Logistics, through build to order (BTO), we focus on transformation of parts into finished products. Production is driven by actual customer orders. The main driver of a BTO process is to accommodate flexible customer orders and requirements with the production runs. This optimizes allocation of orders to production infrastructure and resources.


At SKY Logistics, we offer a full-scale packaging program to deliver products to customers and/or distributors in the best possible way.


Products are usually shipped and stored in export cartons. In most cases, when products are sold on the European market, it becomes necessary to change the packaging configuration. As SKY Logistics, we offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective packaging services to meet the demands of the European market.


Displays are an essential tool to attract consumers in the retail channel. We offer assembly services for displays, including delivery to the European market.

Our value added services:

  • Fixing alarms
  • Garment on hanger and parcel transport
  • Assortment application
  • Waste management
  • Barcoding
  • Handling
  • Labeling
  • Adding warranty certificates
  • Grouping
  • Storage of bulky, heavy, sensitive, fragile materials
  • Line feed
  • Returned products logistics
  • Quality control
  • In-parcel handling
  • Addition of user manual and warranty certificate
  • Boxing
  • Minor assembly services
  • Disposal of goods
  • Storage in special compartment
  • Customization
  • Packaging
  • Pallet logistics
  • Distribution in accordance with pallet and parcel system
  • Preparation of promotional products
  • Determining QR code
  • Consumable management
  • Pre-sale check
  • Sorting and intermediate assembly services
  • Order preparation, waybill and invoicing services
  • Checking expiry date, lot and serial number
  • Stretching, shrink packaging
  • Making sets
  • Reconfiguration
  • Reverse logistics
  • Appropriate package selection
  • Collecting products and raw materials from the manufacturer
  • Safety labeling
  • Product-based storage
  • Product aggregation
  • Product order
  • Checking Manufacturing/Expiry Date
  • Product assembly
  • Ironing
  • Cargo classification