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Our Team

Our Team

We don't just carry products; we know that we carry hope, future, happiness and life.
We are the role model company for our competitors in our industry.

Our industry is one where experience, cooperation, information flow, being organized, managing business processes and serving the same purpose are of critical importance. The power of teams is undeniable in the success of logistics companies. SKY Logistics managers and employees have enabled us to take great steps with their ability to work as a team.

Our team is united in five core values that apply to everything we do.

Being courageous: Our team is proactive, makes decisions, takes responsibility and tries new things.

Being curious: Our team asks questions, does research, learns new techniques, examines our customers and their industries.

Being together: Every member of our team plays an active role in the team, supports colleagues, cooperates, has fun.

Being social: Our team meets people, makes connections, develops relationships, sees the big picture.

Being better: Every member of our team seeks ways to improve, challenges himself/herself, never stops learning, tries to be the best.

Our team, comprising highly motivated, passionate experts sharing the same goals and values, is the star of SKY Logistics.