We provides integrated, single-source logistics solutions to cover the whole Pharma supply chain from manufacturing through delivery to the final customer.
Our Pharma industry experts understand the supply chain challenges facing the industry that result from the quest to reduce costs of the supply chain, achieve lead-time improvements, globalization and maintaining a temperature controlled supply chain.

Our solutions for the Pharma industry are aiming at

  • maintaining temperature controlled supply chain services
  • supporting customers with clinical trials and product launches
  • finding the optimized combination of lead-time and (logistics) cost
  • improving customer service levels
  • reducing inventory levels
  • reducing safety stock
  • reducing the administrative burden and related cost
  • identifying supply chain risks and contingency plans
  • complying with the appropriate rules and regulations

Our solutions for the Pharma industry are aiming at

  • Point to point airfreight
  • Door to door Service
  • Ocean freight (for finished goods and bulk products)
  • Temperature controlled shipments
  • Cross trade shipments
  • Trucking Service
  • Express Service
  • Global vendor support and collections
  • Handling of controlled drugs
  • Value Added Service (repacking, labeling, document handling)
  • Consultancy (customs, packaging, applying for licenses)
  • Recall logistics

Benefits to our customers

  • We know you and we know your business
  • Global coverage resulting in consistent services, one global operating system, worldwide SOP’s full control on door to door shipments
  • Handling and full control on cross trade shipments
  • Clear communication lines
  • Highly skilled staff that knows the high-tech and
    electronics industry challenges
  • Competitive rates
  • Full flexibility due to frequent flight availability & sailings
  • Full knowledge on customs rules & regulations resulting in reduced/optimized import duty payments
  • Guidance though legal and compliance issues

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