Rail Freight

Life on the rails

Innovate and optimise your transport from China to Europe

Today 95% of trade between China and Europe is completed by ocean. Rail solutions offer a real alternative to ocean freight transportation: twice as fast as ocean transport and 10 times cheaper than air freight. Rail transportation is also an eco-friendly solution. Customers with urgent shipments can utilize SKY Group’s Rail Freight Services covering all the areas of China and Europe. These services include pre- and final assembly, special packaging, re-packing and re-labeling. SKY Group’s Railway connections include Chinese Rail stations in Zhengzhou, Hefei, Chongqing, Chengdu and Xiamen, and European Rail stations in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Russia.

Distribution via Düsseldorf Hub

With a dedicated customs bonded area located at the Düsseldorf Hub in Germany, SKY Group can provide deconsolidation services, customs clearance, documentation and release of goods within 48 hours.

Within Europe, pre- and on-carriage time is between 1-3 days.

Choose the rail solution that matches your business needs

With our rail freight solution, you can transport both your raw materials and finish products via conventional or combined transport 

Conventional transport

Door-to-door solution via train only, with or without transhipment. The goods are loaded directly into the wagon. This solution is ideal for the transport of your raw material supplies and the transport of vehicles exiting the factory. It makes it possible to deliver large volumes at lower costs.

Combined transport

Goods are loaded into an Intermodal Transport Unit (ITU). It can be a semi-trailer, a swap body or a container. We combine different transport modes : Ocean + Rail, Road + Rail. This solution is perfect for shifting, from road to a more green transport mode.

Benefits of Rail Freight