We provide comprehensive logistics solutions to governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations, which combines pre-planning and logistics routine, with an effective distribution mechanism, ensuring emergency delivery of goods in areas affected by natural or man-made disasters.

Relief Logistics Solutions | SkyGroup International Freight Forwarders

Our solutions for the governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations are aiming at:

In order to cope with these challenges SKY Group has developed a service package to create solutions for governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations. Our solutions for the Relief industry exist of:

Benefits to our customers:

Dedicated relief team of experts responsible for

    • Replenishment, inventory control and transport in routine
    • Accurate planning and precise execution in disaster situations
    • Establish pre-positioned location and capacity allotment based on type and likelihood of disaster
    • Establish goals & metrics (in general and per event)
    • Develop agreed SOP’s

SKY Group Unique Capabilities

    • International, multimodal logistics network for product
    • pre-positioning and distribution
    • Consistent process across the entire network
    • Internet-enable network enabling inventory visibility at main site
    • Proven experience ensures accurate and quality execution

Competitive rates​

Full flexibility due to frequent flight availability & sailings​

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