Retailers, pure e-commerce players, you must always rely on competitive and agile supply chain solutions.

Retail Logistics | Securing & accelerating the supply of fulfillment centers

Based on our experience, we support your transformations to reinforce the performance and the efficiency of your supply chain every day to enhance your customers experience.

Meeting all your current and future challenges

Supply chain solutions dedicated to retailers

The retail industry is a sector undergoing profound changes. Based on our expertise in your sector, we innovate to develop solutions to meet your challenges: globalisation and regionalisation of supply sources, omni-channel strategies, flow fragmentation and acceleration, though competition, promotions and seasonality management and customer retention.

Securing and accelerating the supply of your fulfillment centres

Supply of your distribution centres

Our experts support you to meet all your challenges with dedicated or shared solutions.

  • International transport (freight forwarding) solutions : air freight, ocean freight, road, rail transport
  • Secure transport and management of your high and heavy products
  • Dedicated or multi-customers consolidation solutions  ( cross-docking, CFS …) 
  • Storage and order preparation: packaging, labelling, kitting, delay differentiation, co-packing …
  • Optimisation and management of customs operations
  • Standard, urgent or at fixed date deliveries

Synchronising your distribution flows with our dedicated control tower

Flows monitoring

Increased delivery frequencies and flows fragmentation require an accurate and agile flows management. Our control tower teams stand by your side to guarantee the dynamic optimisation of your flows and a maximised availability of your products.

  • Orders management (reception, consolidation …)
  • Planning of transport orders 
  • Invoicing
  • Performance management (KPI’s) 
  • Promotional operations management 
  • Return management
  • Dynamic flows engineering

Accelerating the final distribution of your products

Our teams support you to ensure
a unique customer experience. 

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